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Why You Don’t Buy a Pet as a Gift

You always hear that you shouldn’t buy a pet as a gift because that person may not want it. The person then either doesn’t care for the dog as well as he/she deserves or the person ends up not accepting it. Well, that’s exactly what happened to me. 

My parents moved from Portugal to the United States. They decided to leave their dog behind in Portugal at a place much like shelters in the U.S. but a non-kill one. They genuinely care for their animals with love for the rest of their life. My parents were heartbroken but felt that was the best thing to do for their dog – yes, I don’t understand it either. Anyway…

After they purchased a home in the United States, I thought it would be nice for my elderly mother to have another dog. I asked her if she would like to have a dog, and she said she would but didn’t think my dad would want it. 

As an independent and strong woman, I decided my mom deserved a dog and my dad would just deal with it. 

Giving a Dog as a Gift

My daughter and I found someone on Facebook locally that had some Yorkiepoo puppies for sale. I believed that breed would be perfect for my mom since they are small and easy to manage. 

We went to the person’s home, watched the puppies, met mom and dad, and paid for the gift. On the way home, we stopped off to buy some puppy essentials and decided to keep the dog at our house overnight and give my mom the dog the next day. 

You should have seen my mom’s face. She was shaking her head no, but her eyes and smile said yes. She was happy. She held the dog and named her Anna. 

The Dog Veto

Unfortunately, as we were leaving my parents house, my father went berserk. He refused to keep the dog. He created a spectacle in front of his home, running outside with “Anna” in her bed, holding her in it, screaming “Take this dog!”

My family and I tried to run into our vehicle, but my dad grabbed my arm and started pulling me. He grabbed my arm so hard that it actually hurt. No, this didn’t turn into a domestic violence dispute, but it did end up surprising me. 

We did end up getting away leaving the dog behind, but not for long. 

The Droff Off

It wasn’t too long before my father showed up at my house with the dog and deposited her on the front stoop. I threatened to never speak to him again, but that wasn’t enough for him to reconsider. He was adamant about not keeping the dog, no matter if my mother wanted her. Yes, that’s how it usually worked in my parent’s relationship. 

I was beside myself, and then, I had to decide what to do. 

Finding a Home for “Anna”

The dog as a gift didn’t work out for me, as it doesn’t work out for many people. Should have known that would happen. 

As I told my family I would find a home for “Anna”, my husband and daughter decided they wanted her.

Wait a minute… we already had 3 dogs, and now a 4th? Seriously?

As one to not deny my family, I agreed. 

“Anna” became Snowy and she is now part and completes our family. We are at our limit of dogs and she will forever be a reminder of why you should never buy someone a dog for a gift. 

If you still want to buy someone a pet as a gift, read Adopting a Dog from a Shelter vs. Breeder.

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