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What to Do If Your Dogs Don’t Get Along

Whenever you add a new pet to your family it is always an adjustment. Especially if you already have a furry friend living with you. It takes time and patience to welcome a complete stranger into your home. Your dog may react differently than you had hoped, and that is okay. 

Dog’s experience emotions very similarly to us. We all know how it feels to be threatened by someone or feel intimidated. This is exactly how they feel when you bring a new pup into their home. However, it is nothing to worry about and is very common. 

Our Experience with Dog Dogs Not Getting Along 

You may be wondering, “Why is my dog who is normally very friendly picking fights with my new dog?”. 

My family thought the same thing back when we rescued our pitbull Hera. 

Now I know what you are thinking. You are probably saying to yourself, “Oh it was probably all the pitbull’s fault, it’s in their blood.” However, I think it was an equal between both dogs. They were both threatened by eachother and felt like they had to protect both themselves and their territory. 

Our dog Barley had been part of our family for years before we got Hera and he is the sweetest dog with the biggest heart. 

The day that we brought Hera home we knew that there was going to be some issues. Both Hera and Barley were around the same size and normally dogs around the same size pick fights with eachother because they feel threatened.

I’m sure that Barley didn’t intend on hurting Hera, I think he was just afraid that she was coming in to steal his spot in the family. He feared that he was being replaced. 

There were multiple fights that had occurred over the first couple weeks of them living together. 

When there would be a fight we would quickly separate them and move them into different rooms. This way they could calm down on their own. 

Eventually after a while they got used to each other and now they are the bestest of friends. It honestly just takes time for them to adjust. 

What Do If Your Dogs Don’t Get Along

Introduce Them Slowly 

When first introducing your new dog with your current dog it is important to do it in small doses. Even if you believe that everything will go smoothly, you never know for sure. Let them smell eachother, lick, play, or if these develope problems maybe even just look at eachother. This way they can make assumptions about eachother and gain trust. 

Personal Items Per Dog 

Another good idea when mixing two dogs who don’t know eachother together is to buy separate bowls, beds, and toys. This way they won’t have the opportunity to fight over anything. They then can also feel like they have space to themselves to relax and let their guard down. 

Separate Beds & Sleeping Areas

Speaking of separate beds, it is also a good idea to assign each dog a different are to go to sleep. For example, one dog could sleep in the living room and the other in the kitchen. This way at night they don’t feel like they have to stay awake to protect themselves. It will help calm their nerves. 

Show Equal Amount Of Love 

It is very important to make sure that both of your pups feel loved and cared for. Giving them an equal amount of attention is a good way to ensure that neither of them feel like they are being replaced. 

Give one on one play time. 

Cuddle both of them separately. 

Make sure to praise them both when they are being good.

It Takes Time

All of the things listed above are some examples of things you can try to help your dogs get to know each other. However, it’s just going to take time. It may be a week or it may be months, but eventually they will grow to love each other.

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