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My Dog Won’t Leave My Other Dog Alone

We’ve never had this experience with bringing a new dog home. Every so often, my dog won’t leave my other dog alone. I’m talking about jumping on my other dog’s back, sliding off, jumping back on, and chasing her to do it again and again. If you’re saying: “My dog won’t leave my other dog alone.” you are NOT alone.

My Dog Won’t Leave My Other Dog Alone

I understand my dog won’t leave my other dog alone because she’s a puppy and wants to play. She just doesn’t understand that other my other dogs don’t exactly want to play that way.

Now, my other dogs are like why in the world did you bring this “thing” home to annoy us.

If you’re in the same situation, this is how I’m dealing with the situation.

What to Do when Your Dog Won’t Leave Your Other Dogs Alone

When I met Snowy for the first time, I saw her do the same to her siblings. Where she learned it from is unknown since her siblings weren’t joining in the “fun”.

The only thing I could think of to keep her from pestering my other dogs was to teach her that it was not okay to jump on her new friends’ backs.


The first thing I did was keep an eye on Snowy and whenever I saw that she was about to take a run for a jolly jump on our Yorkie Paris, I would say in a stern voice – “NO”.

Usually, when I say it, she looks back at me and then proceeds to do it anyway. I figured it takes time to learn what “NO” really means.

Physically Separating Pestering Dog

The next step I took was to physically separate Snowy from Paris (Paris was the smallest one out of the bunch so it was easy to jump on her). Whenever I saw Snowy jumping on Paris as she desperately tried to get away, I would go up and pick Snowy up so she couldn’t do it anymore.

Let me tell you – she wasn’t happy about it, but Paris was very happy.

Remove Pestered Dog

To show that Paris was not available to be jumped on, I would sometimes remove her from the situation instead of jumping bean Snowy. This also showed Snowy that she wasn’t getting love if she was the one jumping.

Tired Out the Poking Dog

Snowy was simply playing even though no other dog wanted to play. Whenever I saw that she wouldn’t leave my other dogs alone, I would take her outside for a good run around the backyard. By the time, she came back inside, she was no longer interested in leaping through the air to land on Paris’ back.

Consistency Is Everything

I didn’t do the above one time. I did them over and over again. I did whatever I felt like doing at the time. Over time, the signals were clear. Leave my other dogs alone Snowy!

My Dog Leaves My Other Dog Alone

Snowy no longer pesters Paris. It took about 4-6 weeks before it stopped, but learned it was inappropriate to jump on her friends’ backs. Now, I no longer have the problem of “my dog won’t leave my other dog alone.”

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