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My Dog Doesn’t Comfort Me When I Cry

If you’re saying, “My dog doesn’t comfort me when I cry.” you’re NOT alone. I’ve had 6 dogs in my life and none of them have ever comforted me when I’ve cried. That’s not to say that dogs don’t comfort people when they cry. I believe that dogs know when they should provide comfort and when they don’t have to do it.

my dog doesn't comfort me when i cry

How Dogs Know to Provide Comfort

I believe my dog doesn’t comfort me when I cry because he feels I’m okay. Dogs have an innate sense of what is really happening, and that means that when people cry, they know the level of distress. It’s not as easy as automatically providing comfort when a person cries.

Dogs can sense depression and anxiety. They KNOW how bad it is and will step in if and when needed.

So, how do dogs know to provide comfort? They have great intuition. They can feel in their gut if their human really does need the comfort or if the human just needs to let it out.

How to Make Your Dog Comfort You When You Cry

Even though your dog doesn’t comfort you when you cry on his/her own, you can show your dog that you would like the comfort. Yes, you can train your dog to comfort you when you cry.

The next time you’re crying. Move over to your dog (if he/she is big) and provide comfort by cuddling, embracing, etc. If you have a small dog, you can just pick him/her up and cuddle.

Your dog may wonder what you’re doing but at the same time, love that you’re loving on him/her.

As you do this more and more, your dog will start to learn that when you’re crying, it’s time to cuddle. You’ll start to see that your dog will provide YOU comfort instead of the other way around.

Review: My Doesn’t Doesn’t Comfort Me When I Cry

Dogs know when someone needs comfort. They have an innate sense of when they are needed. Your dog isn’t comforting you when you cry because he/she doesn’t FEEL you need it. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need it!

You can train your dog to comfort you whenever you cry. Just provide the comfort when you’re crying and you’ll start to see that your pup will return the favor.

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