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Can Mediums Talk to Animals?

One of the most upsetting events in life is losing a pet. Our furbabies are as close to us as humans and having them pass can be devastating. Being able to connect with a pet on the “other side” is something that most people never dream of doing, but is it possible with a pet psychic or medium? In this article, you will find the answer to “Can mediums talk to animals?”

Talking to a Medium About Our Beloved Pet – Chelsey

Chelsey passed away about 3 years ago at the grand old age of 17 years. You can read more about her in another article – Do Dogs Run Away When They Are About to Die.

My husband and I decided to speak to a medium after watching a Reality TV show where a medium connected with passed loved ones. During our session with a medium, we decided to ask about Chelsey.

You can watch that section of the session below:

Can mediums talk to animals? It definitely seemed as though she was communicating with our dog. She identified Chelsey and her love for the beach and assured us that she was living her best afterlife.

About Pet Psychics

Pet psychics aren’t new. Pet owners desperate to reconnect with their past animals often seek the comfort a medium can provide.

Not all mediums can communicate with animals, though. The medium we spoke to in the video admitted she’s not as good with connecting with the souls of dogs, but was able to anyhow.

Since our primary reason in speaking to the medium was not to connect with Chesley, that was okay.

However, if you’re interested in having a similar experience, it’s best to reach out to a pet psychic.

Animal Communicators for Pets

Many people know the New York based animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick from Animal Planet. If not, here’s a peak of the show:

Not all pet owners want to use a medium to talk to deceased pets. The following are some common things that animal lovers use psychics for:

  • They want someone to be able to communicate with their pets who may be acting out. For instance, if a pet has behavior problems, a professional pet psychic may be able to figure out what the pet may be thinking or feeling.

    Telepathic communication helps bridge the gap between human animal communication. With the information that comes from psychic readings, dog owners can make adjustments to their training to achieve the goals they have for their pet.
  • Some people may also want to work with a animal communicator when adopting a dog from a shelter or breeder to understand the history of their new dog. Understanding what your new pup has been through can give you a better appreciation for the way he behaves, which can make the transition to joining the family much easier and faster.
  • People can also use a pet psychic if pets don’t get along. They can find out through interspecies communication why they have trouble living together, which can help pet owners make changes. This is especially useful for households with dogs and cats.
  • Professional pet psychics have also been used to find lost pets. They are able to engage in telepathic communication in a way that helps them identify the whereabouts of lost animals. This includes being able to connect with the spirit of the animal if passed. This can provide closure to pet owners who hold on hope in finding their beloved pet.

How Much Does It Cost for Mediums to Talk to Animals

Mediums charge different rates depending on their experience. Laura Stinchfield, who is a California-based pet psychic charges $150 for a half hour session. The one we used for Chelsey charged $100 for a half hour. There are others who charge much more or much less, so look for one that falls within your budget. All of them are time based and there are even some people who will charge for 15 minutes.

Tips for Using a Pet Psychic

When you decide to use the abilities of a pet psychic for animal communication, keep these tips in mind:

  • You will likely have many feelings during the session, especially when connected to beloved pets who have passed. Be prepared to experience them and keep your tissues in arm’s reach.
  • Keep an open mind. Some of the psychic communication may not make sense during the session but it may afterwards when you think about it more. There’s a lot of symbolism in psychic communication.
  • It can be difficult to identify the whereabouts of lost animals and there’s always a chance they may have passed. Be prepared for that if you decide to use a medium who can talk to animals.

One of the most remarkable things about mediums or psychics is that they can take human language and translate it to energy that can be understand by different species, including animals. If you’ve ever used a pet psychic or you have any questions about them, comment below. This can be a hard decision to make that shouldn’t be entered into without thinking it through because the person you choose may give you information that can make you quite emotional.

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